Germany has the Largest Trade Surplus in the World


    Germany has managed to record the largest trade surplus in the world. It is not the first year the country has managed to do so, this year achieving a current surplus of approximately 299 billion U.S. dollars, according to the Munich Ifo Institute for Economic Research. This is an important indicator of the country’s economic situation. The largest deficit was recorded in the United States. Trading in Germany is a business field that welcomes foreign investors and our team of lawyers in Germany can help interested entrepreneurs set up a business in Berlin or another city.

    Foreign Investors Preferring Germany after Brexit


    Germany and France seem to become the two new favorites among investors in Europe, shows a study performed by international company Ernst & Young. The United Kingdom has been standing its ground in the aftermath of the Brexit but numbers show that global investors tend to shift towards other EU countries. Our German lawyers can give you all the needed information about relocation if this is an option for your company.

    Germany, Turning into a Startup Hub for Tech Companies


    Germany is slowly starting to establish itself as a startup hub for tech companies and some may even say the country will soon compete with already established and renowned centers like London or even Silicon Valley. This sense of innovation has been present in Germany since time immemorial and has helped other industries develop and thrive. To mention a few, we can refer to biotechnology and sustainable energy. Our team of lawyers in Germany highlights the most important advantages the country has to offer to technology start-ups.

    Types of Incentives Available to Investors in Germany


    Germany welcomes foreign investments and has a wide array of incentives and incentive programs to support the initiatives of entrepreneurs from around the world. The types of available incentives range from cash ones to those for research and development activities and they also include special ones that are related to employment and labor in general. Our team of German lawyers highlights the main types of investment support available to foreign entrepreneurs.

    The Next Governing Coalition to Reduce the Solidarity Tax in Germany


    According to an agreement between the three political parties that will form the next governing coalition in Germany, the solidarity tax could be reduced. In a common statement, the parties have mentioned that the reduction would be a gradual one, mainly focused on easing the tax burden for small and medium-income taxpayers. Our team of lawyers in Germany can give you complete information about the taxation system and how it is calculated for your type of business activity.

    Business Trends For The German Companies In 2018

    Thanks to extensive digitalization employed by German companies, as well as their investment in the training of their personal, the results for 2018 are expected to be very positive. Business invest in research and in the specialization of their staff regardless of the domain in which the company is functioning. The German enterprises manage to remain at the top of the global market. If you are interested to invest in this country, our law firm in Germany can help you with information concerning the local legal provisions which are applied for the incorporation of companies.

    Top Factors that drive Investment in Germany


    Undoubtedly Germany is one of the most developed economies in Europe. Each year new investment projects from foreign entrepreneurs appear on the Germany market and make of this state a rich climate for business networking. No matter if you intend to open a branch in this country or set up a new company, our law firm in Germany can offer complete legal services for local as well as foreign investors. 

    German Government Establishes State Company to Support Start-Ups


    The new state-owned company that Germany has in plan for 2018 has a main purpose to finance start-ups and help great ideas to become successful businesses. This measure not only boosts the investments environment in Germany but has in plan as well to respond to several demands and needs of the local population. Our law firm in Germany is ready to respond to their clients’ intention to open a company in this country by providing professional legal counselling concerning the business environment in Germany.

    Reasons to Start a Business in Berlin


    Considered as the fastest growing start-up ecosystem in the world, Berlin is a great choice to start an investment. There are many reasons for which investors worldwide decide to open an enterprise in the capital of Germany. Our German lawyers can help you with the company formation procedures and familiarize you with the legal climate of the city. 

    Germany`s export market dominates the economy in Europe


    Germany`s economy continues to be the most dominant in Europe. Every one in five dollars generated in the European Union comes from the industrial sector in Germany. Other factors accounting for the strength of Germany`s economy are the regional trade, the manufacturing sector and the exports. It is advisable to consult a law firm in Germany before deciding to invest in the local economy.

    Strong economic growth in Germany in Q1


    Between January and March, the largest economy in Europe, Germany, grew by 0.6 per cent, compared to the previous quarter. Additional investment made by German companies and the construction sector brought growth in the national economy. In the first three months of this year, the gross domestic product in Germany has increased significantly. Germany`s exports, driven by consumers and government spend, also contributed to this economic growth. More information about this matter can be given to you by our law firm in Germany.

    Germany Explores New Investment Opportunities by Economic Involvement in Africa

    Germany wants to give more attention to a massive project of investment in Africa referred to as “Marshal Plan for Africa”. The measures intended by the German government aim not only at increasing economic ties with the continent but also at truly involving in some aspects of its reconstruction. Since the adoption of the project, the South African exports to Germany raised to 4 billion $, showing a significant increase compared to the previous years.

    2017 Begins with Promising Economic Index for Germany


    The business climate index published by the CESifo Group, a research group in economic research, has already rose from 111.1 last month to 112.3 in March. This shows that this year is a promising one for investors in this country. Our law firm in Germany can answer the needs of those who are interested in opening a firm in this country and it provides as well a wide range of legal services.

    Fund Industry in Germany: Market Value of EUR 70.2 Billion

    The fund industry in Germany registered an overall market value of EUR 70.2 billion at the level of 2016. In the first half of 2016, the fund industry in Germany registered an inflow of capital with a value of 49.6 billion, with a focus on the Spezialfonds and on property funds. Foreign investors who want to open an investment fund in Germany should know that the open-ended funds registered for property related transactions were focused on the fields or trade and accommodation units. Our team of lawyers in Germany can offer legal assistance for the registration of an investment fund in this country. 

    Start-ups and R&D in Germany to Benefit From INVEST 2.0 Programme


    Under the new extension of the INVEST 2.0 programme, the companies operating in Germany will benefit from new regulations which will help investors to develop their businesses in a faster manner. The INVEST 2.0 represents a capital fund addressed to start-up companies registered in Germany. It is also a part of the German strategy of creating a start-up centre in this country, addressed to small and medium sized companies. Our law firm in Germany can assist foreign businessmen with more details related to the programmes available for foreign companies. 

    German Consumption Increased in Q3 and Q4


    The household consumption in Germany increased in the third quarter (Q3) and the fourth quarter (Q4) by 0,4%,which had a positive effect on the local economy. It is important to know that the over the last 15 years, the household consumption represented approximately 56% of the economic results registered in Germany. Businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Germany can address their products and services to a market that is available for purchasing activities. Our law firm in Germany can provide legal assistance for the legal requirements related to corporate activities here. 

    Record Level for M&A in Germany


    The level of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in Germany reached a record value, which hasn’t been achieved in the last seven years. The mergers and acquisition process refers to transactions carried out by investors to take the control over other companies. A merger is the process through which two or more companies unite to form a single legal entity, while an acquisition refers to the purchase of a company. In August 2016, the M&A market reached the highest level recorded since 2009, due to a strong local activity in this field. Our law firm in Germany can provide an in-depth presentation on the M&A legislation applicable here. 

    Germany: Development Plans for Sustainability


    Germany is one of the most competitive countries in the European Union (EU), but also one of the most the developed. Recently, the representatives of two important Ministries in Germany – the ones for education and environment, declared that most important advantage of the German economy is its sustainability. In this sense, local or foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Germany can receive assistance from the local authorities to maximize the full potential of their business. Our law firm in Germany can offer assistance on the main policies which aim at the development of the local economy. 

    The Automotive Electronics Industry in Germany


    An important industry which provides many business opportunities is the automotive electronics sector, which is an increasing field in Germany. Businessmen who want to open a company in Germany in this field should know that the worldwide demand for products deriving from the automotive electronics industry – such as the automotive semiconductors, increased in the last years. The German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturer’ Association declared that the projections related to this field are showing a solid increase for the following years, estimated at 4,5% per year. Our law firm in Germany can offer legal assistance on the requirements for the registration of an automotive company. 

    Tax Cuts Under the German Budget 2017


    Persons who are liable to taxation in Germany have good news in this sense, as the German government announced several tax cuts under the 2017 Budget. The total value of the tax cuts which will become applicable in 2017 (and also in 2018) is estimated at EUR 6 billion. Our law firm in Germany can offer more details on how the new tax cuts will become applicable to natural persons and legal entities taxed in this country.  At the moment, the main political parties in Germany have reached an agreement on the taxes which were taken into account for this operation. 

    Germany, Amongst the Ten Top Innovative Economies


    The European market offers numerous business opportunities in most of its jurisdictions. However, one of the most preferred investment destinations is Germany. Investors who want to register a company in Germany can benefit from various incentives available for many industries, a favourable tax system and several fields which are important contributors to the German Gross Domestic Product, such as the automotive industry. Recently, the country was nominated as one of the leading innovators in certain sectors. Our attorneys in Germany can offer assistance on opening a business on the local market and can help in related matters, such as establishing a business address or opening a bank account.

    Industrial 3D Printing Sector in Germany


    The 3D printing industry started to develop at a rapid scale in the last years, as the products which can be manufactured through this technique can be used in various fields, such as health and industry. Businessmen interested in opening a company in Germany in the field of 3D printing can receive assistance on this matter from our team of German lawyers. It is important to know that Germany represents one of the top economies for businesses set up in this field. 

    Visas Available for American Citizens Relocating in Germany

    When relocating to Germany, for a limited amount of time or for more years, the local authorities will issue a visa in accordance with the specifics of the respective case. Citizens of the United States of America, who wish to relocate here for work or studies purposes have to receive a visa, following a certain procedure. Persons interested to relocate in Germany can receive legal assistance from our team of German attorneys, who can offer an in-depth presentation on the legal requirements imposed here. 

    Germany: Fund Investments of EUR 49,6 Billion in the First Half of 2016


    An important business location where investors can find many business opportunities is Germany, as the state is one of the main economies of the European Union. Although Germany confronted during the last decade with various economic issues, the local authorities have always created measures to regulate and resolve such issues. At the moment, Germany represents an important location for fund domiciliation, as in the first half of 2016 the state managed to attract EUR 49,6 billion, which represents one of the most important results registered since 2000. Businessmen interested in investing in Germany can address to our team of German lawyers for more details. 

    German Exports, Increase of 1,2% in June

    Investors who operate in the trading field are advised to invest in Germany, as the exports in this country register positive results. In June 2016, the German exports increased by 1,2%, rising for the third consecutive month. According to the data provided by the National Statistics Office (Destatis), the highest demand for German exports was registered outside the Eurozone. Foreign businessmen interested in setting up a trading company in Germany can receive assistance on the matter from our team of German attorneys. 


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